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What our Waste Advisor does

Our digital platform finds better alternative providers for your waste materials based on the R-ladder ranking, CO2 emissions and costs.

The tool integrates a life cycle analysis methodology that helps understand the impact of transport and processing of your waste streams. The analysis insights and surfaced alternative processing providers supports the decision-making regarding supply chain sourcing and management.

By this we give a powerful boost to your circular ambitions. And guarantee you: a smaller ecological footprint and greater financial value can simply go together.

The circular economy is a recent but important topic on political agenda's.

Our service provides the required support and encouragement to companies to become more sustainable and facilitates the circular economy transition throughout The Netherlands. We do this by targeting the way in which companies use, and dispose of resources. This provides the transparency that is currently missing in the waste-to-resource sector. We believe this knowledge should be available to every company, simply because we all have to change together.

Why our Waste Advisor exists

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While there is an increasing demand for sustainable products and services, companies struggle to make decisions that are right for them, and the environment.

When it comes to waste, companies are largely unaware of the impact and opportunities that their waste streams possess, despite their willingness to become more sustainable. Especially small to medium enterprises (SMEs) often lack the resources to make this a priority.

The companies that try to reuse and trade waste materials often run into red tape, logistical, and financial complications. The existing network of waste collectors, waste brokers, and waste processors is untransparent, and does not facilitatie the required waste to resource transition.

There is a clear need for tailor-made, company-specific information that supports the company's entire decision making process regarding sustainability and circular economy. 

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